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To be a good light bulb is also a subject of knowledge.

With the popularity of LED lighting, light bulbs have also ushered in a revolution. "Small body big energy", this is our first impression of the LED light ball. However, the high pursuit of “energy saving” often makes us ignore the harm caused by LED lighting to the human body. In fact, I want to know which light is best for us, and the body's response is the most direct reference.

So what should we pay attention to in LED lighting, and how to choose the right bulb?

What is strobe?

Strobe, that is, the state in which an object is seen under blinking illumination conditions is discrete rather than continuous, and the most intuitive feeling is that the light source produces rapid changes in light and dark. Any light bulb will produce stroboscopic light, but the degree of perception can be different to the naked eye.

The impact of stroboscopic on human health

In general, the stroboscopic sound that the human eye can perceive is a frequency of change within 100 Hz. However, studies have shown that although the organism cannot detect stroboscopic light with a frequency of 100-160 Hz, the retina can be resolved and captured. Different degrees of stroboscopic light will have different effects on people's physical and mental health, such as causing visual fatigue, migraine, difficulty in positioning, and low work efficiency.

How to solve the strobe problem

To weaken the stroboscopic effect, the root cause must be addressed from the drive and dimming components.

1. Integrated non-isolated constant current drive scheme to reduce the influence of voltage wave on output luminous flux, stable and reliable performance

2. The start response speed is fast, that is, the light is on, the light is instantaneously responding, and the strobe is resistant.

3. Solid-state LED lamp bead design, suitable for frequent switching occasions

What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a physical quantity used to define the color of a light source in illumination optics, in k-based units. The color temperature value determines the light and radiant energy generated by the bulb source. The light produced by the low color temperature light source is softer and more natural, and the radiation energy is less; while the light source of the high color temperature light source is more glaring, and the color temperature electromagnetic radiation after 6500k is larger, which will cause a certain degree of damage to the vision.

How to solve the color temperature problem

1. The patented light guide column design makes the light more soft. Whether it is warm light or cold light, it can protect the eyeball

2. The product life is up to 25,000 hours, combined with high luminous flux maintenance rate design, to maintain long-term normal illumination, not to let the naked eye fall into the increasingly dim lighting environment

It can be seen that our choice of light bulbs not only has an impact on the home environment, but also has a huge correlation with personal health. There is a lot of connection between light and health.

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