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2018 Global Lighting and Lighting Industry Summit ended in perfection

On August 18th, under the guidance of China Lighting Association, Guzhen Lighting Company sponsored, NVC Lighting Crown, Huayi Plaza title, Mulinsen, Huayi Lighting and Optical Code co-organized with the theme of “Intelligence, Market, Capital” The 2018 Global Lighting and Lighting Industry Summit Forum was held in Huayan Square, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City.

This ceremony, the scene of the group of talents, the big coffee gathered, gathered together government leaders, representatives of business associations, professional lighting market leaders, entrepreneur representatives, dealer representatives and foreign guests from all over the country, nearly 500 people , witnessed the ceremony together.

At the beginning of the event, Liu Jianhui, secretary of the party committee of Guzhen Town, and Chen Yansheng, chairman of the China Lighting Association, gave opening speeches for the ceremony.

Liu Jianhui, secretary of the party committee of Guzhen Town, said in his speech:

From the first session in 2014 to the fifth session today, the global lighting and lighting industry summit forum is better than one year, and one session is higher than the previous one. This is not easy. In addition, and shared a heavy news to the guests, the Ministry of Commerce intends to approve Zhongshan Guzhen to become a pilot market procurement method.

What benefits can the market procurement trade bring to the company? This should be the focus of everyone's attention. The market procurement model has greatly improved the degree of facilitation of foreign trade by enjoying a series of unique reform policies such as state-supported main body access, export customs clearance, tax exemption mode, and foreign exchange management, which is summarized as the following “four more”:

First, the entry threshold is lower. Any merchants and trading companies in the industrial agglomeration area can participate in the pilot after filing;

Second, customs clearance exports are faster, allowing group cabinets to be consolidated and implementing simplified classification declarations. For single containers with more than ten kinds of commodities, only one ticket is required for customs declaration;

Third, the tax policy is better, and the implementation of the VAT exemption policy;

Fourth, foreign exchange management is more lively, allowing the opening of current account foreign exchange accounts to support cross-border RMB settlement.

The highlights can be summarized as follows: "The three most":

First, the core advantage is that the products exported by foreign trade can realize “one declaration, one inspection, one release” of “home entrance”;

Second, the most fundamental guarantee is that the quality of the product is “the source is traceable, the responsibility can be investigated, and the risk is controllable”;

Third, the greatest potential is that radiation drives the surrounding markets and achieves the same frequency interaction and deep integration between the two markets at home and abroad.

Finally, Secretary Liu Jianhui hopes that the majority of lighting and lighting enterprises will stand on the lights and look at the world, firmly grasp the “One Belt and One Road”, the national strategy of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, make full use of the policy environment of market procurement and trade methods, and take advantage of the international market. A new world!

Chen Yansheng, chairman of the China Lighting Association, said in his speech:

After years of rapid development, China's lighting and lighting industry has entered a new stage of development, from high-speed development to high-quality development.

At present, the domestic and international markets of the lighting and lighting industry are facing various new challenges. The domestic market demand is flat, and Sino-US trade disputes bring more uncertainty to future product exports. Looking around the status quo of the global lighting industry, internationally renowned large companies are also making strategic adjustments. Facing the situation of the global lighting industry, it is both a challenge and an opportunity for China's lighting industry to adjust. Through the survival of the fittest, the big waves will make our lighting industry more intensive and more competitive.

Subsequently, the launching ceremony of the 2018 Global Lighting and Lighting Industry Summit Forum was held.

The starting ceremony guests from left to right are: Tang Guoqing, chief consultant of LUTRON, Cao Lihui, editor-in-chief of Guzhen Lighting Company, chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Federation of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, and the founder of Huayi Group, Bingwen, Lei Wang Donglei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Liu Jianhui, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guzhen Town, Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Association, Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting Society, Lu Zhenjian, Member of Guzhen Town Party Committee, Davide Conti (David), Chairman of Italian Industrial Design Association, Osram Lighting Asia Pacific Han Min, General Manager

Wang Donglei: Opportunities and Challenges for the Globalization of Chinese Lighting Enterprises

Wang Donglei, Chairman of NVC Group, shared the opportunities and adjustments of Chinese lighting companies under the globalization development with the background of globalization.

He said that at the moment, the monopoly of the three international giants has been challenged and they have withdrawn from the Chinese market. Together with the development of LED technology in China's lighting companies, the rise of Chinese lighting companies has undoubtedly ushered in tremendous opportunities for Chinese lighting companies. The challenges facing Chinese lighting companies today are as follows: the integration of mergers and acquisitions; the legal issues facing enterprises going to sea; the use of talents is the shortest shortcoming among Chinese lighting companies.

To this end, Wang Donglei put forward four suggestions for Chinese lighting companies to go overseas to do market: First, steady progress; Second, open and win-win; Third, boutique strategy; Fourth, based in China.

In the future, I would like to say which industries in China are among the best in the world. I think the lighting industry is very likely to be at the forefront of the world at the earliest. Today, China's LED technology production capacity has been comparable to the international world level, I believe that in the near future, we will be able to lead the world level. Under the rapid development of globalization, Chinese lighting companies must seize the opportunities brought about by globalization and bravely accept the challenges.

 Davide Conti (David): The best of Italian light design in the story

Davide spoke on the topic of "the combination of quality and beauty". First introduced to the Italian Industrial Design Association (ADI), ADI was established in 1956, its purpose is to promote, improve and implement the conditions that are most conducive to the design of goods and services. As an important player in industrial design, ADI plays a leading role in the development of culture and economy. Then, Davide reviewed some of the award-winning works in recent decades, highlighting the innovation and breakthrough of lighting design in recent years.

Davide emphasizes that light is an art, and excellent lighting products are to make light shine in a more beautiful way. Today, users are more concerned with the use of the product than the production technology, including the beauty, quality and inspiration of the designer. Design is the link between production technology and user needs. Only when combined with emotions can users resonate and make products more valuable.

Finally, Davide said that he hopes that China and foreign countries can reach a partnership in the future and combine their respective advantages to create a product that coexists with beauty and quality, enhance the quality of life of users, and achieve a better life for users.

Tang Guoqing: The next air outlet, comprehensive lighting intelligent management system

Tang Guoqing, the chief consultant of Lutron, the United States, takes the three major international lighting giants as an example to describe the development trend of lighting from traditional semiconductor lighting to smart lighting. And comprehensively dissecting and analyzing the advantages, key components and key indicators of the comprehensive lighting intelligent management system.

He said that from the past called "dimming" to now called "intelligence control", the comprehensive lighting intelligent management system has been around for a long time. With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the Internet of Things era, and the people-oriented concept, from lighting to lighting, from lighting control to lighting management is the general trend, the comprehensive lighting intelligent management system will become an inevitable outcome of historical development. In the future, lighting will have dimming in the light, and light must be developed in the direction of natural light. Lighting companies must seize the opportunity and keep pace with the times.

The comprehensive lighting intelligent management system will be a big challenge for the entire lighting industry. It is a severe test for the lighting industry to turn challenges into opportunities.

Han Min: The new look of lighting technology – from challenges to solutions

Han Min, general manager of Osram Lighting Asia Pacific, analyzed the five major technological trends in the industry today, shared the new development of lighting technology, and combined lighting and market development, the development of the lighting industry and the development of OSRAM. The challenges and solutions facing the industry.

Han Min said that in the era of the Internet, innovation from energy efficiency to solutions and value-driven, application-driven innovation brings us value, and the new look of lighting technology will create new paths with value. The future solution is to build a successful ecosystem; develop talents, develop new knowledge infrastructure, strengthen research and development; call for government regulations and policy support; strengthen industry supply chain collaboration; promote new test methods and standards; establish innovative business models; Public awareness, etc., to promote the development of lighting towards digital.

In the future, the lighting market will become larger and larger, and wisdom will become the core of many IoT ecosystems. We must be good at discovering the unlimited potential of the Internet of Things, taking "social symbiosis, platform sharing" as the development direction, grasping global opportunities, Solve global challenges, use global synergies, and truly enter smart cities.

The peak dialogue session of this summit was presided over by Cao Lihui, editor-in-chief of Guzhen Lighting Company, Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting Society, Wang Micheng, President of Hangzhou Hongyan Electric, Liu Yuangui, Chairman of Yining Lighting (ENTA), and Chief Technology Officer of Penknife Investment Srl (Italy) Andrea Cincotto (Andria), (Russia) senior designer Anna Malyakina (Anna), China Guzhen International Lighting Culture Festival chief designer / Huahui Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd. Director of Light Environment Institute, Ji Jifeng, Oswego General Manager Miao Miao, General Manager of Light Password, Zhang Gaoting, and General Manager of the Graffiti Intelligent Lighting Division, Kong Lingqun, expressed their opinions and shared their insights with the participants.

At this point, on August 18, 2018, the “Intelligent Market Capital” 2018 Global Lighting and Lighting Industry Summit ended in perfection.

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